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Welcome to the Northwest Arkansas Freemason Blue Lodge web site and calendar.


Please send happenings that you would like to be included in the calendar to NWAMasons@Gmail.com  The request will be reviewed, and if vouched for by your secretary, or an officer of your lodge, it will be added.



The Area District Deputy Grand Master for 2014 is Right Worshipful Scott A. Nelson


Northwest Arkansas Lodges  




Alma lodge No.735 F&AM Masonic Lodge (District 7)
Main st. Alma Ar. 72921

Meets 2nd & 4th Monday

2013 Officers:


Worshipful Master: Jeff Peters
SR. Warden: John Marston
JR. Warden: Shawn Taylor
Treasure: Bill Bowles
Secretary: Ray Herring
SR. Deacon: Brian Hood
JR. Deacon: Donald Elliot
Chaplain: Charles Boster
Master of Ceremonies: Brandon Herring
Master of Ceremonies: Larry Hood
Tyler: Jerry don House




Ashley Lodge No. 66 (District 1) F&AM Masonic Lodge
111 Bunch Springs Rd., Berryville, AR
(District 1)
Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesdays 2014 Officers:  



(Photo By Brandy Campbell)

Basin Spring Lodge No. 386,

Eureka  Springs, AR


Monday, meal at 6:00 pm, meeting at 7:00 pm


2014 Officers:





WM Scott O. Link

Secretary, Tom Freehling

Bentonville No.56 F&AM Masonic Lodge

805 NW 8th Street Bentonville, AR 72712

Meets 2nd and 4th Thursdays



2014 Officers:


Worshipful Master – Clifton Tumlin
Senior Warden – William Richard Sasser
Junior Warden – Tim Chval
Senior Deacon – Brandon Cantin
Junior Deacon – Keith Hicks
Treasurer – Don Bradshaw PM
Secretary – Mike Lantrip PM
Chaplain – William Towner
Master of Ceremonies – Ben Mayo PM
Master of Ceremonies – Don Messersmith Jr.
Tyler – Don Messersmith Sr. PM




Fayetteville Washington No. 1 (District 1)

F&AM Masonic Lodge

1106 Masonic Drive, Fayetteville, AR 72703

Meets 2nd and 4th Monday

2014 Officers:

Worshipful Master – Nicholas Golleher
Senior Warden – Stewart Scroggins
Junior Warden – Mike Winningham
Treasurer – Joe Harris
Secretary – Denver Little PM
Senior Deacon – Fritz Gisler
Junior Deacon –
Chaplain –
Master of Ceremonies – Bryant Adams
Master of Ceremonies – Wes Burkett
Tyler – Larry Fuller





Washington Lodge #1 is the oldest Lodge chartered in Arkansas and was chartered under The Grand Lodge of Tennessee as Washington Lodge #82 in Fayetteville. The Name was changed to Washington #1 when The Grand Lodge of Arkansas was formed in 1838 and it is the oldest Masonic Lodge in continuous operation in Arkansas. It was also The westernmost Lodge in the Nation at the time. 


Farmington Lodge No. 291 (District 1)

 F&AM Masonic Lodge
 9 Locust St. Farmington, AR

Meets 1st Monday

2014 Officers:


Worshipful Master – Beau P. Collins
Senior Warden –
Junior Warden – Bryant Adams
Treasurer – Denzil Griffin
Secretary – Bill McAllister
Senior Deacon – Joshua Hale
Junior Deacon – Nicholas Golleher
Master of Ceremonies – Raymond Elkins
Master of Ceremonies – Leroy Kerst
Tyler – James Kring




Fine Springs No. 439 F&AM Masonic Lodge (District 6)

Address 5710 Hwy 282 Fine Springs, AR


Meets Friday on or before full moon


2013 Officers:


Worshipful Master-Tim Beagle
Senior Warden-Warren Harrison
Junior Warden-Paul Garrett
Treasurer-Terry Oliver
Secretary-Henry Howard
Senior Deacon-John Kegley
Junior Deacon-Joe Salsman
Chaplain-John O'Kelly
Master of Ceremonies-Kenny Shelly
Master of Ceremonies-Harry Ridenour
Tyler-Ted Holmes



Gentry No. 222 F&AM Masonic Lodge (District 1)

154 Gentry Blvd, Gentry, AR 72734

 (Near 172 South Gentry Boulevard, Gentry, Arkansas)




Meets First Thursday

2014 Officers:

Worshipful Master – Scott A. Nelson PM
Senior Warden – John Herrington
Junior Warden – David Calkins
Treasurer – Keith McDowell
Secretary – Frank Holzkamper Sr. PM
Senior Deacon – Bobbie Philpot
Junior Deacon – Bobbie Philpot
Chaplain – Frankie Shnitzer
Master of Ceremonies – Jim Hudson
Master of Ceremonies – Gene Crowder
Tyler – Tim Hawkins





Hazel Valley No. 355 (District 1)

F&AM Masonic Lodge
14011 W. Hwy 12  Highfill, AR, 72712
Meets 3rd Monday
2013 Officers:

Worshipful Master – Ralph Mascaro PM
Senior Warden – Otis Evans PM
Junior Warden – Adam Litterell
Treasurer – Scott Nelson PM
Secretary – Jerry Foreman PM
Senior Deacon – Nolan Sorals
Junior Deacon – Brian Johnson
Chaplain – Cary Anderson
Master of Ceremonies –
Master of Ceremonies –
Tyler –





Huntsville Masonic No. 364

F&AM Masonic Lodge


300 West Main St. Huntsville, AR 72740


Huntsville Lodge is located at 300 Main Street -
across the street from the Madison County Court House




Dinner is served beginning at 6:15 P.M.
Lodge opens at 7:00 P.M.


Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays


2013 Officers:

Worshipful Master - Dr. Jason Holt

Senior Warden – Keith J. L. Todd

Junior Warden – Robbie Johnson

Treasurer – Sumner Brashers PM

Secretary – Kevin Hatfield PGM

Senior Deacon – Jim Couch

Junior Deacon – Eric Blocker

Chaplain –  Don Carter

Master of Ceremonies – Willie Childs

Master of Ceremonies – James VanHooser

Tyler – Marty Abrahmsen


Key Lodge No. 7 F&AM Masonic Lodge

200 N. College, Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Meets First Tuesday


2013 Officers:


Worshipful Master – Bob Weir PM
Senior Warden – Christopher Hobbs
Junior Warden – Mike Anderson
Senior Deacon – Matthew Beyers
Junior Deacon – John Martin
Treasurer – Eric Paslick PM
Secretary – RW Patrick Carr PM
Chaplain – Max Thomas, PM
Master of Ceremonies – Raymond Davis PM
Master of Ceremonies – Jason Rooney
Tyler – James Thomas PM





Lincoln Lodge No. 615 F&AM Masonic Lodge

108 S. Arthur Ave. AR, 72744

Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays


2013 Officers:


Worshipful Master – Matthew Beyers
Senior Warden – Leonard Skinner
Junior Warden – Robert Burgess PM
Senior Deacon – Robert Curtsinger
Junior Deacon – Roy Gene Rhinehart
Treasurer – Bill Morris
Secretary – Larry Wilton PM
Chaplain – Carl Baker
Master of Ceremonies – RW Patrick Carr PM
Master of Ceremonies – Al Videtto PM
Tyler – Eric Paslick PM





Little Spring Lodge No. 230 F&AM Masonic Lodge 231 School St., Hindsville   Meets 1st Tuesday 2012 Officers:



Occidental Lodge No. 436 F&AM Masonic Lodge
112 N. Mock St. Prairie Grove

Meets 1st Thursday 2013 Officers:


Worshipful Master - Denzil Griffin

Senior Warden - Joe Watson, PM

Junior Warden - B.A. Mauldin

Senior Deacon - Weldon Orand

Junior Deacon - John Gilbreath

Secretary -  Corbin Wood

Treasurer  - Roger Tyree

Chaplain - Joe Geiger

Mater of Ceremonies  - Tony Craigg

Mater of Ceremonies  - Buddy Lyle, PM

Tyler - Al Videto PM





Pea Ridge No. 119 F&AM Masonic Lodge

13980 Northeast Hudson Road, Avoca, AR, 72711

 (Hwy 62)




Meets Third Tuesday

2013 Officers:


WM Joe McMahon



Rogers  No. 460 F&AM Masonic Lodge

320 E New Hope Rd., Rogers, AR 72757

Meets First and Third Thursdays



 2013 Officers:

Worshipful Master – Scott Jordan
Senior Warden – Colin Berger
Junior Warden – George Riggs
Treasurer – Bob Chamberlain
Secretary – Brian Powell
Chaplain – Brian Argo
Senior Deacon – Don Simons
Junior Deacon – Rod Clardy
Master of Ceremonies – Terry Schott
Master of Ceremonies – Cory Simons
Tyler - Fred Jordan





Springdale No. 316


F&AM Masonic Lodge


316 North Spring St. Springdale, AR


Meets First and Third Thursdays




2012 Officers:



WM Max Crabtree
SW Jake Crabtree
JW  Chuck Wood
SD Brad Garrison
Chaplin Steve Mason
Treas. Ray Blackwell
Sec. Dave Williamson
MC Jerry Beard








Summit Lodge No. 530
F&AM Masonic Lodge
1 Block North of entry to Winslow
City Winslow

Meets Monday on or before full moon


2011 Officers:






Yell Lodge No. 64
F&AM Masonic Lodge


Corner of West Main and Thorne Street


Green Forest, AR

Stated Meeting Date 2nd & 4th Mondays




2012 Officers:

WM Butch Budde







Boone Lodge No 314

 Harrison, AR


2011 Officers:


W.M. Jim Thomas

Secretary Carlton Chambers 






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